In a repeat of last semester's singles, Mr. Carlos Flores defeats Dr. Emil Iacob.

Dr. Trey Denton and Dr. Stuart Tedders defeated last yeats doubles' team of Dr. Emil Iacob and Dr. Don Armel in two straight matches.

This weeks racquetball games in Statesboro Georgia!
Let us know when you can play.

Sunday - 3:00 Regular game
Wednesday - 3:00
Friday - 3:00
Sunday - 3:00

Make sure someone else is coming before you show.

4/26/2019 tournament

11/11/2018 results

USA Racquetball Rules

If you like racquetball, give us a call.


R2 Sports for upcoming tournaments.

All are welcome each day there is a game.

Email bmclean at georgiasouthern dot edu anytime you want a game.

Updated 5/8/2019